Lake 7

Lake 7 is our largest lake on the complex. This lake is around 12 acres in size and has many islands and fish holding features. The 2 “spits” of land either side of the lake are the most popular swims, due to the islands being either side of you that give plenty of options. The lake is of a uneven depth from around 3 foot to about 8 foot. As this lake is so new a lot of swims are very productive. Most methods seem to work on this lake. There is a small car park adjacent to the lake and a nicely equipped “mess room” that had a kettle, microwave, toaster and a kitchen sink! These are free to use but we do ask for you to keep them clean and tidy.

This lake is used by various clubs for competitions such as the British Car Cup Ltd and the BCAC with record breaking weights coming out.

Key Facts

  • Size: 12 acres
  • Features: 7 islands and 2 causeways
  • Stock: Carp up to 50lb. Catfish up to 100lb