Lake 3 is roundish in shape with a central island. The island is reed lined and a real fish holding feature. To maximise from this you will need to get your bait tight to the reeds. It is also worth putting a bait about a rod length (12 foot) out from the main bank, as this is a patrol route for the fish. Most methods work well on this lake, pellet being very effective during the warmer months. The depth of the lake is around 6 foot with some deeper holes going to about 7-8 foot. Like the other lakes it is worth taking some time to get to know your swim. The overall size of this lake is around 3 ½ acres and is limited to 8 swims (2 on each side). Fishing is only permitted from the marked swims. This lake also has the advantage of no roach or bream. A very effective method for the catfish is a large bunch of maggots on a maggot clip.

Key Facts

  • Size: 3 ½ acres
  • Features: 1 main island
  • Swims: 8
  • Stock: Carp up to 42lb. Catfish up to 85lb