Staying safe when fishing…

Policy Statement

Orchard Place Farm Fishing Lakes, has a responsibility to make the anglers and guests who fish our waters aware of the risks they may face in the surroundings they are in to help reduce accidents and injuries on site while fishing. Orchard Place Farm Fishing Lakes will stop any persons who are acting in an unsafe manner and could cause harm or injury to themselves or others.

First Aid

Anglers need to report any serious injury/incidents which happen at the fishery. All anglers are advised to bring their own first aid kit with them but the fishery does have a first aid kit located at the ticket office if needed.


Machinery/tools are only to be used by the fishery management.


Swans/ducks and geese are rarely aggressive but best left alone


The fishery owners have dog’s onsite. Please do not pet or feed them without the owner’s permission. We do allow anglers to bring dogs to the fishery, however please do not bring them into the main car park/ticket office.


Weils disease is transmitted in rat urine so please be aware before putting your hands near your mouth to take necessary precautions such as washings your hands thoroughly. The undesirable bacteria may be present in the animal droppings and the pond water.


Rods and poles are good lightning conductors so please be careful and do not fish in these conditions. Seek refuge well away from the trees.

The Sun

Take appropriate precautions to prevent sunburn, sun stroke, dehydration etc.

Cold and Freezing Conditions

Be prepared for changeable weather and therefore sometimes wet/muddy conditions. Wear warm suitable clothing, waterproofs and appropriate footwear. Paths, Banks and Swims – Please keep to the paths and take extra care when wet, icy and slippery.


Beware of falling trees and branches. Take care if your tackle is caught up in branches/tree under growth around the lake or on the islands as the release of tackle may cause injury. Please alert a member of staff if needed to help.


Please be aware of people behind, opposite you or around you when casting as the weights and tackle could cause serious injury if struck.

Sharp Objects

Anglers are to use sharp tools such as baiting needles, knives, hooks etc at their own risk.

Fire, BBQ and Cooking

Fires are prohibited on site. Only bbqs off the ground can be used. No disposable bbqs.

Falling into the water

Do not enter the water. If a person accidentally falls into the water and is out of reach of the bank a lifebuoy, which are placed around the lakes can be used as a rescue device.


Children under the age of 13 years old, must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

On arrival

All anglers must report to the office before fishing on our waters.


All persons must keep to the 5mph speed limit whilst driving on the complex. All anglers must use the car parks and driving areas provided and must never drive/park on the grass.

Toilets/Shower blocks

Toilet and shower facilities have been provided at the fishery. Sanitary bins are also provided in all of the toilets to stop items going into the toilet and causing blockages. Please be aware that the floor can be wet and slippery.

Use of boats

Anglers are not permitted to use the boats unless given consent by the fishery management.