Lake 8 is the second largest lake on the complex. This lake is around 7 acres in size and has 4 islands and many features to fish. The banks on each side of the lake give plenty of options, from tight to the islands or the channel between them. As always don’t ignore the margins. The lake is of a uneven depth from around 4 foot to over 15 foot in places. Most methods seem to work well.

There is a small car park adjacent to the lake and a nice “mess room” which is equipped with a microwave and a kitchen sink. Other equipment will be added over time. These are free to use but we do ask for you to keep them clean and tidy and leave them as you would wish to find them.

Key Facts

  • Size: 7 acres
  • Features: 4 islands
  • Swims: 15
  • Stock: Carp up to 43lb. Catfish up to 100lb +